482.solutions Rated by Clutch as one of Ukraine’s top Blockchain firms for 2020

We just received exciting news here at 482.solutions – Clutch team rates us as one of Ukraine’s top Blockchain firms for 2020!
Clutch analyst Jake Cox just called our founder to let us know that 482.solutions is again listed as one of Ukraine’s top Blockchain firms! Blockchain is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of trends. That is why we’re thrilled that Clutch labeled us as one of the top Ukrainian firms for 2020!

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the top B2B companies in Ukraine by Clutch!” Alex Ivanov, Chief R&D Officer at 482.solutions

We love to show our stellar average across a few reviews on Clutch! We have reviews from clients around the world who praise our work. One of the reviews, from the Chief Technology Officer at the Energy Web Foundation, Micha Roon, praised our technical expertise, skills, and knowledge we provided for them.

“Their level of technical expertise and know-how was really beyond our expectations” – Micha Roon, CTO at Energy Web Foundation. 

We’re incredibly blessed to be one of Ukraine’s top B2B providers and Blockchain firms according to Clutch. If you want to join our ranks of satisfied customers, please contact us today!

About 482.solutions

482.solutions is a software engineering provider specializing in innovative solutions using decentralized technologies.

The key expertise of 482.solutions is building solutions for Industry 4.0 issues: Blockchain, Future of Energy, Digital Identity, Decentralized Asset Management, Financial Products, and Services.

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