a-Gnostics is an industrial data science framework for rapid development of predictive analytics models.

a-Gnostics.ECF is a service to develop precise energy consumption forecasts in a span of one day. It is the most innovative software service at the Ukrainian tech market that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to forecast electricity consumption.

The main advantages are: 1) Accuracy up to 99% in the day-ahead market; 2) Millions of USD of savings on electricity price; 3) Dozens of manufacturing plants and enterprises implemented it into production.

a-Gnostics.FP is a failure prediction service for timeseries data retrieved from industrial equipment to automatically indicate normal, failure, and prefailure status. The main advantage is ability to predict prefailure state up to 3 days before the failure.

The main customers are on Agritech and Energy sectors.

Graduated from Energy Accelerator in 2018, a-Gnostics became a finalist of Bind 4.0 competition in San Sebastián, 2017, and introduced its first failure prediction model during the Spark Summit in Brussels, 2016.

a-Gnostics is Industry 4.0 subsidiary of custom software development outsourcing company, SoftElegance, that was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1993, and specialized in providing reliable services for implementation of SaaS systems, sophisticated business solutions, engineering applications, and business processes automation software for the U.S. companies, ranging from dynamic small and medium to Fortune 500.

For more information, see a-gnostics.com


Ukraine, 03142, Kyiv, Prospectus of Academician Palladin, 44




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