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iSolutions LLC is Innovation driven SME in Ukraine with representatives in EU, provides full stack development and advisory in domains of Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics Readiness for industrial and smart environments, research and innovation in DLT, Energy, HealthCare, Agriculture and Transport.

During last 10 years, iSolutions has implemented more than 100 complex turn-key projects and solutions in domains of digital transformation and cybersecurity in Ukraine, EMEA and EU – Greece, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, UK, Kazakhstan, Georgia.

iSolutions  has many partnerships in Ukraine working with producers and endusers countrywide, was involved in creating NCP network and can provide a full sub-consortium, including industrial manufacturers, academia, large enterprises and SMEs including. Being involved in ICT, cybersecurity and eHealth transformation in Ukraine, we are regularly supported by corresponding Ministries in our EU funded projects.

The company’s references include over 2,000 turn-key projects for advanced ICT and cybersecurity solutions as well as an ICT enabling and digitalization initiatives.

We are constantly working on building a competitive portfolio of solutions and expanding the range of products offered. The company employs only highly qualified specialists who have been trained directly by manufacturers and have all the necessary certificates.

We not only strengthen relations with existing customers, but also work to attract new ones thanks to well-developed, technologically and cost-effective solutions. We provide consultations for technical specialists of our partners, work on architecture of large scale industrial systems protection.

With the help of our engineers who have been trained on the basis of our vendors, we can provide comprehensive technical support to partners. Being involved in challenging digital transformation and cybersecurity capacity building projects funded by EU and international customers, today we have dedicated team to develop and innovate our own cybersecurity products and platforms

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) have great potential across healthcare to improve patient care and reduce costs. These emerging technologies have already started to take hold in healthcare networks and we work on implementation within Ukrainian eHealth, from clinical trials privacy to drug supply chains to provider-credentialing processes and other critical areas. We do a research, publish high ranked papers about our scenarios and discover its potential role in interoperability and health information exchange, iSolutions can provide you with thought leadership and help in this field.
We are evidence based, research and innovation team and carefully think and articulate where blockchain may be relevant and valuable.
When pursuing implementation of blockchain technology for a particular use case, especially within the healthcare setting.

DLT for Energy, which can enable Energy 5.0 and decentralized power grids is our research domain where we’ve got traction, European Commission funded initiatives and published results of our R&D and Innovation capabilities.

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Ukraine, 03148, Kyiv, Sim`i Steshenkiv str, 6

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