This web-site represents the national movement «Industry 4.0 in Ukraine» . The movement acts as non-formal coalition of local developers, business associations, system integrators, vendors, end users, universities and startups. The main organization who drives the movement is the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU). APPAU was the founder of movement 4.0 in 2016, see the local web-site (Ukr) on industry4-0-ukraine.com.ua.

The mission is to develop industrial hi-tech segments in Ukraine to make Ukrainian economy stronger and in line with Industry 4.0 trends. By the 2020 the movement incudes 150+ members coming mainly from IT and Industrial Control System markets.

The movement «Industry 4.0 in Ukraine» is the main resource to implements projects of National Strategy 4.0 developed by APPAU in 2018 and supported by several Ministries of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Actually, the next projects are in deployment in Ukraine:

1) Internationalization and export, and that is supported exactly by this web-site.

2) Innovative industrial ecosystem. Community help to grow up new startups and innovators through different mechanisms available on local innovation ecosystems. In particular, APPAU unites 17 Universities and develops networks of Center of expertise of Industry 4.0.

3) International standardization in Industry 4.0. Community collaborates though the local Technical Committee 185 «Industrial Automation» in the process of harmonization of international standards to Ukrainian legislation.

4) Development of Industries roadmaps of digitalization. Actually, the community works on development of 5 roadmaps:

  • Agri-Food and Beverage.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Maritime.
  • Utilities.
  • Railway Transport.

5) Alignment in development with State policies – the platform Industry4Ukraine. The community collaborates with different State bodies to ensure better integration into EU programs of digital economy, and uses many of EU examples and tools (like Industry days, Industry week and so on).

APPAU closly works on the implementation of these startegies with Ukrainian Government, as well as wtih international organizations as UNIDO, USAID, OBSE, GIZ and others

The information that your find on this site serve to different stakeholders, to investors, industrial end users, contractors, consultancy agencies or developers. Whoever you are, this web-site can help you better understand Ukrainian Landscape of Industry 4.0, to find right company or right

Feel free to address us by the e-address info@appau.org.ua or just filling up the form below.