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Engineering company OGCS

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

Engineering company OGCS


The Limited Liability Company “OIL GAS AND CHEMISTRY SERVICE” is a Ukrainian engineering company, founded in 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Like many other companies in the CIS industrial automation market, our company has grown from factory automation departments. During the last decades the employees carried out gradual automation of native enterprises, introduction of modern instrumentation and control systems, and replacement of obsolete equipment. The specialists, in close cooperation with plant technologists and design institutes, automated the existing production facilities, participated in development and installation of new industrial facilities under construction. They carried out commissioning, and further on, started servicing the reconstructed and newly constructed facilities. The accumulated staff potential, experience and material and technical base allowed to go beyond the limits of “parent” enterprises and create the “OGC SERVICE, LTD.” company.

The main purpose of creating our company was a desire to expand the range and geography of the services provided in the field of industrial automation.

The company includes specialists with many years of experience in designing, assembling, engineering, adjusting, servicing, metrological support, in the field of instrumentation and process control systems, in such industries as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and energy ones.

For the past 10 years, the specialists who have become members of the company have completed more than one hundred projects. In the process of implementing these projects, work was carried out on the design, supply of equipment and materials, installation, engineering and commissioning, not only in the field of instrumentation and process control systems, but also in electrical equipment, communication and alarm equipment, ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems and alerts.

Possessing deep knowledge and experience, technical and instrument base, having a wide experience, the team of our company is ready to perform a wide range of tasks, namely:

  • Design and implementation of solutions in the field of process control systems (CAPCS) and instrumentation;
  • Providing outsourcing services for all branches of industries;
  • Service maintenance of process control systems and instrumentation;
  • Service maintenance of equipment for physical and chemical analysis;
  • Provision of metrological services;
  • Telecommunication services

“OGC SERVICE, LTD.” possesses all permits, material and technical support necessary for carrying out any kinds of work, production base and a warehouse for materials and spare parts, it has an established OSH management system.


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