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Marketplace of Industrial Engineering Professionals from Ukraine

Founded in 2020

Welcome to Land4Developers, a vibrant marketplace and community of industrial engineering professionals from Ukraine. Our mission is to promote and showcase the innovative capabilities of Ukrainian engineering firms and teams to the world.

Founded in 2020 by the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, Land4Developers serves as a platform for connecting foreign partners with Ukrainian engineering companies and teams. We believe that by fostering these connections and facilitating knowledge-sharing, we can help drive mutual growth and innovation.

Our community consists of a diverse group of engineering professionals, ranging from experts in mechanical and electrical engineering, to specialists in robotics, automation, and more. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our members are poised to deliver innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges.

At Land4Developers, we are committed to promoting the brand of Ukrainian engineering on a global scale. By showcasing the quality of our engineering services, we aim to attract more foreign investment to Ukraine, while also helping to build mutually beneficial partnerships with companies and organizations around the world.

We invite you to explore our platform and connect with our community of talented engineering professionals. Whether you are looking for a partner for your next engineering project or simply interested in learning more about Ukrainian engineering, Land4Developers is the ideal destination. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Land4Developers organizes a large number of promotional activities such as buyer-seller meets, virtual trade missions, and Ukrainian pavilions/information booths in selected exhibitions to demonstrate the capabilities of the Ukrainian engineering industry and to provide international buyers with true value as propagated by Ukrainian engineering brand.

Land4Developers facilitates sourcing from Ukraine and encourages SMEs to raise their standards and product innovativeness at par with international best practices. It also encourages SMEs to integrate their business with the global value chain by taking part in international procurement and government granting projects.

What do we do to promote the exports of Ukrainian engineering services and goods?

  1. Support modernization of technology and building product innovativeness by helping SMEs to take part in international R/D grants, what in turn boosts engineering exports and establish synergy between industry and academia.
  2. Organize virtual and traditional trade and partnership missions.
  3. Keep in constant communication with chambers of commerce, developmental institutions and other public bodies throughout the world with a view to taking appropriate and necessary measures for maintaining or increasing the exports of engineering goods from Ukraine.
  4. Advise/represent to the government, local authorities, and public bodies on policies and other measures.
  5. Prepare, edit, publish papers, magazines treating or bearing upon industry, trade or commerce, pertaining to Ukrainian engineering services and goods.