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Marketplace of Ukrainian Developers and System Integrators

Manufacturing. Energy. Infrastructure. Transport.

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Land4Developers — a vibrant marketplace and community of industrial engineering professionals from Ukraine

Our mission is to promote and showcase the innovative capabilities of Ukrainian engineering firms and teams to the world. Founded in 2020 by the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, Land4Developers serves as a platform for connecting foreign partners with Ukrainian engineering companies and teams. We believe that by fostering these connections and facilitating knowledge-sharing, we can help drive mutual growth and innovation.

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Development of integrated value chains in Dual-Use projects

Development of integrated value chains in Dual-Use projects.

The Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA) is the leading organization of Ukrainian clusters. The Ukrainian Cluster Alliance contributes to national economic resilience and future recovery through its programmes and projects. UCA develops and supports the ability of

Lesya Sobolevska

Lesya Sobolevska

How can you help Ukrainians to win?


The Ukrainian innovative ecosystem faces enormous challenges with decreasing internal demands, leak of talents and lack of public funding. You can contribute and save it! Just invite Ukrainian innovators, startups, universities and SMEs into your innovative projects and consortiums.

he domestic market in Ukraine has shrunken down and many developers and System Integrators lost their customers and jobs. Help them survive by proposing work and jobs in your projects. Just choose the right staff in this marketplace.

Ukraine will win. Everybody who believes in our victory can start building the right perspective just now. Read our ‘10-top proposals in advanced Manufacturing’, choose your initiatives / project and let’s build a common alliance. 

Smart decisions, smart cities, smart regions are all about data-driven decisions.

— Andrii Hnap, Waste Ukraine Analytics

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