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Development of integrated value chains in Dual-Use projects

Development of integrated value chains in Dual-Use projects.

The Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA) is the leading organization of Ukrainian clusters. The Ukrainian Cluster Alliance contributes to national economic resilience and future recovery through its programmes and projects. UCA develops and supports the ability of clusters to build sustainable and innovative value chains. UCA heavily promotes the idea of integrated value chains and ecosystems between Ukraine and the European Union, and we are the first in Ukraine to support this strategy at the level of our clusters.

In this article, we offer you to get acquainted with more than 40 projects in the series “Top initiatives and projects of Ukrainian cluster alliance for European partners”. These initiatives are addressed to the Ukrainian government, the European Commission, European clusters and other international and donor organizations.

We present here brief descriptions of these projects and links to more information. We are continuing our project showcase, this time with projects from the Dual-Use categories.

Check out the previous part of the projects from the categories:

Dual-Use Projects

Collaboration of dual-use clusters of Europe with a focus on UA needs

The project aims to unite and to coordinate EU-UA alliances in dual-use technologies; to ensure faster ‘go-to-market’ processes with regard to the urgent needs of Ukrainian and Eastern Europe defence sectors; to enforce and grow UA industrial defence and dual-use technologies sectors.

UWB radar technology for detection of buried targets

The project is focused on using ready-made ground-penetrating radar technology, which we have been using for many years in the civil sector (geodesy), creating a software-hardware complex that will automatically explore territories and create maps of detected objects at a depth of up to 1 meter.  

Active-Echo portable intelligent jamming system

This system is capable of generating different scenarios of radio-electronic interference: noise, imitation, echo, masking. A set of devices will be able to serve as active means of radio-electronic warfare or as radar traps that will be targeted by enemy anti-radar missiles.

EM Finder – detecting coordinates of EM sources

The project’s goal to develop a portable radio direction finder (EM Finder) on board a UAV for determining the coordinates of point sources of EM radiation. This will solve security issues connected to detecting and estimating the direction of an emitter of electromagnetic activity.

Passive airspace surveillance system (radiolocation)

A system of passive radars, which do not emit electromagnetic energy and do not interfere with operation of other electronic devices, will provide information about situation on approach to a restricted area (infrastructure, airport, border) and thus increase situational awareness for managing authorities.

Miniature SAR for small UAV

The project is aimed at conducting combat surveillance and reconnaissance of terrain at close range to support military units in the plan of surveillance and reconnaissance of terrain at a distance of 200-300 m, which allows for detecting changes or masking objects, especially in urban environments.

Information and instrumental system for humanitarian demining

Demining of the vast territory of Ukraine will be one of the primary tasks arising after the liberation of the Ukraine territory (about 20% under occupation, as of March 2023).

INAcR – Integrated Network of Acoustic Reconnaissance

INAcR can be used to protect civilian airfields, protected perimeters of important facilities from unauthorized penetration from the air or from the ground

KALI оn-board automated system for ground target determination

The system can identify ground targets and classify them in real time, is able to determine the coordinates of a target, integrate with target guidance system and partially navigate through optical channel with non-working GPS. 

Automated air target detection system BALOR

A system for detection of military technics and targets using any kinds of cameras regardless of the manufacturer, type of camera, or connection, including online streams (thermographic and optical cameras for horizon view).

Development of a system for remote detection of explosive objects and mines

The system can be used in agricultural areas at critical infrastructure facilities and for military purposes.

Fire-proof composition for textile

Project of production of cheap fireproof coatings for textile materials.

Intumescent coating for wooden boxes

Project of production of fireproof coatings for wooden materials, resistant even against napalm.

Super-quick hardening cements and concretes

This project is for providing “hot” repair of infrastructure, civil and military objects using super-quick hardening building materials.

Development of territory monitoring and protection complex

Territory monitoring and protection complex is designed to monitor and protect territories with a total area of up to 2000 square kilometres. The complex can be used both independently and as a component of a single centralized automated system for protection of territories, border areas etc. The system can be used by the Armed Forces, border troops etc. In peacetime, the system can be used for aerial surveillance, in the agricultural sector, for police needs etc.

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