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Development of integrated value chains in Engineering and Machinery Projects

Development of integrated value chains in Engineering and Machinery Projects

The Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA) is the leading organization of Ukrainian clusters. The Ukrainian Cluster Alliance contributes to national economic resilience and future recovery through its programmes and projects. UCA develops and supports the ability of clusters to build sustainable and innovative value chains. UCA heavily promotes the idea of integrated value chains and ecosystems between Ukraine and the European Union, and we are the first in Ukraine to support this strategy at the level of our clusters.

In this article, we offer you to get acquainted with more than 40 projects in the series “Top initiatives and projects of Ukrainian cluster alliance for European partners”. These initiatives are addressed to the Ukrainian government, the European Commission, European clusters and other international and donor organizations.

We present here brief descriptions of these projects and links to more information. We are continuing our project showcase, this time with projects from the Engineering and Machinery categories.

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Engineering and Machinery Projects

Development of generation capacities of alternative energy sources

The project aims: to develop a network of energy-generating facilities based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar) to meet at least 25% of Sumy region’s needs; to implement the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN for 2015–2030 in the field of Affordable and clean energy; sustainable development of cities and communities, mitigating the consequences of climate change; to implement the state policy in the field of energy conservation.

Expanding possibilities of serial production of braking equipment for railway cars

The project is aimed at increasing production volumes of mastered products for freight cars (air distributor 483MU, brake cylinder 188B, a regulator of brake lever gears РТРП-675М, auto-mode cargo 265А-1, connecting sleeve Р17B, end valve 190); installation of new products for freight cars (710 model brake cylinder, 265A-4U cargo auto-mode, RTRP-300U automatic brake lever gear regulator); development of braking equipment for passenger railway carriages.

Design of energy-efficient parametric series of industrial pumps for water supply systems and pumping of contaminated liquids

The project’s goals are: the development of parametric series of high-speed energy-efficient submersible pumps for water supply systems; the development of parametric series of high-speed energy-efficient torque-flow pumps for pumping contaminated liquids.

Creation of energy efficiency and energy management center

The project is focused on the implementation of the state policy in the field of energy conservation, the creation of an energy management system for enterprises and institutions as well as on methodological support for the implementation of promising scientific and technical projects in the field of energy-efficient technologies and also on the implementation of self-developed heat and energy consumption monitoring systems of enterprises and institutions with the aim of rationalizing energy consumption.

Development of interconnection and partnership between developers and system integrators from Ukraine and Eastern Europe / Baltic countries in Advanced Manufacturing

The project is aimed at supporting UA SMEs in wartimes: outsourcing & subcontracting of 30 companies from UA; matching to key opportunities in the Recovery program of Ukraine with the following joint entering into 30 big projects in Ukraine; providing new innovative solutions across Europe.

Technical standardization: improving the quality of technical standards in Ukraine in Oil & Gaz / Energy sectors, by setup of a modern metrological center

The project is aimed at meeting the need to create the first verification and calibration center for gas natural gas meters in Ukraine at an operating pressure of 1 to 40 bar in the range of an operating flow rate of 1 to 2500 m3/h for meters with a diameter of 50 to 200 mm.  

Creation of Emergency Support Centers in utilities sector

The project’s goals are: to improve the availability of Utilities services for the population by modernizing and digitalizing existing structures; creation and management of the project portfolio for the future modernization/reconstruction of utility sectors; to improve collaboration between local and foreign contractors & cluster organizations.

Development of practice-oriented training of specialists in automation, engineering and mechanical engineering

The project is focused on increasing the efficiency of “university-business” relationships and supporting the development of high-tech SMEs through the implementation of project-oriented training programs that involve solving real business problems (cases).

Creation of an engineering competence center for metalworking

The project will improve the training of engineering and technical specialists, renew research works, carry out innovative examinations, including areas of digitization, research on characteristics of metals, etc, as well as improve specialization and professional standards in the fields of mechanical processing of metals, welding processes and others.

Portable ecological production of electricity and heat

The project is aimed at designing an effective and compact heat exchange part for a system, that works on the basis of solid oxide fuel cells.

Logistic HUB in electrical engineering to help Ukraine restore critical infrastructure

The project is aimed at assistance in the restoration of critical infrastructure of Ukrainian cities, and strengthening power supply systems for social facilities as well as assistance to the military on the front line (electric generators, autonomous lighting and heating systems, etc.)

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