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Author: Lesya Sobolevska


LEAP 2023 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

February 6 – 9, 2023 Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia The conference offers a meeting with technology innovators and leading experts from around the world to discover new ideas, build new partnerships and find new investments. Find out about the content, topics, and stagesHundreds

OEE monitoring

What is OEE and how you can use it.

OEE stands for Operational Effectiveness Evaluation, and it is a process that measures the overall efficiency of a company’s production, operations, and processes. Using the data gathered, you can identify areas where you are losing money and inefficient, and start to make changes. The standard

Smart Regions

The concept of Smart Regions – what it means.

A smart region is a regional concept that refers to a place that has advanced a high degree of technology to meet the needs of its inhabitants. It is characterized by a combination of different technological innovations, such as information technology, communications, transportation, and renewable

manufacturing data

Optimal use of manufacturing data

9 February 2023 The EIT Manufacturing Event will take place on 09 February 2023 at the Atos Center for Business Technology and Innovation in Munich. Lots of interesting information and networking prepared for you by partners, users and experts. The problem of usable production data


Danish Defence Annual Conference (DDAC)

Denmark 08 February 2023 – 09 February 2023 Danish Defence Annual Conference (DDAC) is an annual two-day defence and security conference in Denmark. The event is held in cooperation with CenSec, FAD and the Naval Team Denmark.The conference provides a unique opportunity to meet and


TOP-4 RFID cases from the company from Ukraine

Read the original article in Ukrainian here. Continuous modernization is one of the basic components of business competitiveness. This is especially true for Ukraine, where the real sector of the economy is almost constantly in extreme conditions. But leading companies are looking for and finding