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KOEEBOX by IT-Enterprise

simple solution for equipment control and production efficiency


The KOEEBOX is a plug-and-play solution for equipment condition monitoring.

KOEEBOX system consists of a Hub, sensors (KOEEThermo, KOEEVibro, KOEEButton, KOEEConnect, KOEEPressure, etc) and cloud-based software.

Main benefits are: ready steady solutions and design. “Ready steady” means that Customer doesn`t need any additional infrastructure (servers, networks, etc) and personnel.

Thanks to their design(a magnet fixture for sensors and DIN rail fixture for Hub), they are easy mounted inside factories without additional tools.

All sensors and the Hub are connected to each other and form a network for transmitting data to the cloud through the wireless channels(GSM).

The data is available in the KOEEBOX web/mobile applications from anywhere in the world. After detecting anomalies, KOEEBOX visualizes the severity of potential incidents using a multi-level warning system.

The main tasks solved with the KOEEBOX system:

– reveals the potential for production volume growth

– alerts about failures

– online equipment performance monitoring

– categorization of downtimes

– prompt notifications

– periodic reports

– calculation of energy consumption

– production accounting.




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