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Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant

Leading gear pumps manufacturer in Ukraine

Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant


Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant was founded in 1936 in Kamyanka, Ukraine, as an industrial enterprise focused on the production of gear pumps and textile machines. Later, in 1964, was obtained a license from «BARMAG» (Germany) for manufacture the exclusive types of pumps. Currently, the plant is a leading producer of pumping equipment for various industries in Eastern Europe.


About leading gear pumps manufacturer in Ukraine

The production base of the plant, covers an area of 8 hectares, is equipped with high-precision unique equipment and has its own thermo-constant workshop (3680 m2), own foundry, heat treatment workshop, laboratory and test stands.

The Construction Department of the plant solves the most difficult tasks of developing new products and fulfilling individual orders in a shortest time, and the Quality Control Department ensures that all components, as well as the itself product, passed the rigorous testing.

Today, Kamyanka Machine-Building Plant produces more than 50 types of pumps and has customers worldwide.

Main mission

Manufacture quality products while reducing Customer’s costs.

Field of activity

Machinery (machines for chemical solutions dosing), Textile (fibers production), Chemical (glue, silicone, paint dosing + plastic) , Mining, Petroleum Industries.

Main offers for international partners

Chemical and Textile gear pumps, Oil pumps, spare parts, foundry service.


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