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Infocom Ltd

Automation of industrial and infrastructure facilities, robotics and solar energy

Infocom Ltd


Automation of industrial and infrastructure facilities, robotics and solar energy


Company description: INFOCOM LTD is an innovative engineering company that implements robotic, unmanned technologies projects and computer vision systems related to transport and logistics; international projects related to automation of industrial and infrastructural objects, material flow accounting solutions, alternative energy and IT-technologies for industrial automation.

Company products and services:

  • Unmanned transport systems and vehicles (unmanned platforms, firefighting unmanned vehicle, agricultural application (unmanned tractor, unmanned grain harvester), unmanned taxi, unmanned train control systems, secure driving system using mobile application “Driver’s Assistant”, dispatching system for unmanned transport, mining machines, security and logistics);
  • Unmanned Robots (Robot Policeman, Medical Robot, Telepresence Robot, Robot for logistics, Guide Robot, Promotion Robot, Robot-servant);
  • Automated control systems and dispatching systems for Metallurgy, Chemical plants, Pharmacy, Engineering, Food industry etc.;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision projects;
  • Design and implementation of Solar parks as EPC-contractor and solar parks monitoring systems;
  • Manufacturing and dispatching of electric chargers AC/DC for EV (wireless AC charging stations, electric charging station networks) and developing of EV charging network UGV Chargers;
  • Systems of an autonomous power supply and Smart buildings;
  • High and Medium -voltage substations construction and modernization.

The company has a huge quantity of innovative projects such as unmanned battle platform, unmanned vehicle, unmanned train, monitoring system of free parking slots, SCADA face control, Smart roads.

Exporting to: Germany, England, Holland, Austria, India, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Norway, France, Africa etc.

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69001, Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Blvd. Taras Shevchenko, 56

38 (061) 213-78-55

 38 (067) 616-87-36

 38 (050) 322-15-65



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