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Techinservice Manufacturing Group

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.


Techinservice Manufacturing Group is a leading engineering and machine-building company with headquarters in Kyiv. Established in 1993 for development and implementation of sophisticated process engineering projects in different industrial sectors.

Techinservice MG has its own scientific and research office, design engineering department and manufacturing facilities (machine-building plant). The Group includes also Techinservice Intelligence department engaged in development and implementation of integrated solutions and services for automation of technological processes and production, as well as building and infrastructure automation and management systems.

For over 29 years of operation Techinservice Manufacturing Group has implemented more than 200 successful projects of different scale both in Ukraine and foreign countries – in Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, and Slovakia. The Company has its representative offices in Bulgaria, Russia and Czech Republic.

Techinservice MG is a byword for innovative process equipment, state-of-the-art automation solutions, integrated turn-key solution design and implementation approaches for whole plants and enterprises.

Techinservice Intelligence develops and implements integrated solutions and services for automation of industrial process flows and production facilities automation as well as building and infrastructure facilities automation and control systems. ​


  • Design, manufacture and implementation of turn-key automation control systems.
  • Modernization of production processes and process management systems.
  • Selection of all necessary equipment for the project.
  • Assembly of switchboards and power cabinets.
  • Installation, start-up and commissioning.
  • 24×7 maintenance and support services for delivered solutions.
  • Staff training. ​

Our business areas are the following:

Industrial Automation:

  • Sugar industry
  • Alcohol industry
  • Bioethanol production
  • Energy (boilers transfer to CWF burning)
  • Citric acid production
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Building Management Systems:

  • Shopping & entertainment centers
  • Business centers
  • Hotel complexes

Infrastructure Facilities Management Systems:

  • Data centers

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1, Makyivskyi Lane, Kiev, 04114, Ukraine

 +38 044 485-13-41

 +38 044 468-93-13


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