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How Ukrainian Integrators and Developers survive during wartime. Indusoft – Ukraine: ready for cooperation in MES segment.

Today we present an interview with Sergey Yevtushenko, CEO of INDUSOFT-UKRAINE, leader in the creation of automated systems for operational management of production.

INDUSOFT-UKRAINE has been on the market since 2003. The company implements innovative technologies of Internet-oriented IIoT/IICS automation systems and hybrid local-cloud MOM/MES architectures to improve production efficiency based on solutions of well-known world brands Emerson MAS, OSIsoft and GE Digital.

L4D: How did your business change since the full-scale invasion? (Changes – from market amendments to those took place in your Company)

Sergey Yevtushenko: Of course, the changes affected everyone. We have not become an exception. Our main directions of activity:

First, implementation and maintenance of MES projects. We continue to work on foreign projects in Kazakhstan and Lithuania without changes. If we talk about Ukrainian market, we have completed the implementation of current projects. But customers postponed start on new projects to the next year.

Second, distribution of the software GE Digital company.

Third, distribution of the hardware of the Emerson company. In the last two directions, we had a complete lull for 4 months, now we are seeing the activation of the market. Especially in terms of supplies of warehouse items.

L4D: Is your strategy focused on the preservation of personnel, exit to new markets, relocation or other variants?

Sergey Yevtushenko: So we kept all the staff. Our main strategy is to break into new foreign markets now. We have experience of working in such companies as North Caspian Operating Company, Tengizshevroil – huge oil producers, ORLEN Lithuania – oil refinery.

And we see that our specialists have high qualifications, which are confirmed by vendors and implemented projects, and speak English fluently.

L4D: Have your relations with foreign partners changed (how)?

Suppliers now pay more attention to Ukraine.

Sergey Yevtushenko: We continue to work with all partners. Suppliers now pay more attention to Ukraine. For example, Emerson indicated the first priority of supplies to Ukraine.

L4D: What fields do you optimize business in and cut down expenses? (are there any areas you increased investments)

Sergey Yevtushenko: First, we cut costs for 3-4 months. Now we are almost back to the pre-war level. We focused on training and accreditation of our specialists. As well as investments in entering foreign markets.

L4D: What does your product policy look like – is there is a plan to release new items or solutions?

Sergey Yevtushenko: We are currently working on the development of our own DigitalLab software for the automation of laboratories at industrial enterprises.

L4D: Did the level of cooperation change in your community? (could we observe consolidation among the Ukrainian companies in your branch and what fields, or vice versa there is a growth of competition)

Sergey Yevtushenko: Good question, thanks. We have been cooperating with several companies that are members of the the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) for a long time. Thanks to this, customers will receive a more comprehensive solution. Such cooperation benefits everyone.

L4D: What are your forecasts regarding the development of the situation on your markets in Ukraine? In your opinion, Is there a prospect for foreign partners in Ukraine – what does it consist in?

After the end of the war, the demand will increase many times Due to the need to restore infrastructure and enterprises.

Sergey Yevtushenko: Now we see a lull. Investments are minimal. In this way, delayed demand is formed. After the end of the war, the demand will increase many times Due to the need to restore infrastructure and enterprises. And these will be good opportunities for business development.

L4D: What are your main cooperation offers for foreign partners?

Sergey Yevtushenko:

We are ready to cooperate in the following areas:

Implementation of MES based on OSIsoft-Aveva PI System software or GE Digital software.

Maintenance and technical support of systems implemented on the basis of PI System software.

Our specialization: oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries.

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