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Cluster Collaboration

Cluster Collaboration in the Sustainable Regional Development – International Conference

5-7 of June 2023, Lviv, Ukraine

Cluster Collaboration in the Sustainable Regional Development

About the Conference

Ukraine is to face unprecedented challenges in the Recovery of destroyed regions in the after-war period. While in the meantime, safe areas take the main charge in the economic resilience. Now they need the right strategies, investments and projects to maintain the Ukrainian economy and to switch to sustainable development. The new programs of interregional and transborder collaboration with the neighboring countries open such possibilities for cluster communities in Ukraine and in the neighboring countries.

Main Goals

Define priorities in interregional collaboration and the future Recovery between Ukrainian, Polish and others countries clusters and regional communities

Present and discuss new possibilities of EU programs funding

Build relationships and matchmaking between Ukrainian communities and those from other countries

You benefits and outcomes

Aligning agenda of regional / interregional development

Extensive 2 days exchange allows you to build or profile your regional strategies well aligned to the common targets of sustainability.
Build consortia around new funding opportunities

Regional authorities, SMEs, universities and startups will have new possibilities to build consortia around new funding opportunities in interregional and crossborder programs of EU.
Speed up cluster collaboration

If clusters are accelerators of interregional development, it is the right time to go to Lviv. This conference gathers 10+ clusters from Ukraine and at least 3-5 from Poland, Germany and other countries.



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