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A few questions from the editorial staff to the Head of R&D Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Igor Kotsiuba.

You work in the market of Ukraine, Europe. Do you see differences in the promotion and implementation of MES projects?

It should be noted that the Ukrainian market is different from the European market. In most cases, Ukrainian enterprises have to prove why MES is needed. In many of our projects, enterprises realize that after the implementation of the ERP project, they do not get the desired effect. Through the lack of communication between the level of process control systems and ERP, the lack of information about the real production process, and the possibility of operational management. And this is the driver for the implementation of MES. In European enterprises, there is no need to prove that MES is needed. They choose the best solution. Implementation of projects is carried out in accordance with standards and featuring minimal only from the organizational side.

What tasks are most in demand now? How relevant are predictive diagnostic issues?

In addition to realizing standard MES functions: data collection/acquisition, dispatching production units, quality management the most interesting is the calculation of KPI (OEE …) for production lines. This allows companies to increase operational efficiency.

Market pioneers began to engage in predictive diagnostics of critical equipment. For this purpose, a digital model (digital double) is created and based on a comparison of real-time equipment indicators with a digital model, possible breakdowns are identified, which already need to be addressed. This allows the company to save money on unplanned downtime. We use GE Digital – Smart Signal solutions for these purposes.

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