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RFID and other modern identification technologies


ARDIX concentrates on RFID technology and other modern identification technologies. Our capabilities cover both the production of identifiers with tags and global automation projects at most based on tracking systems, including software development for this infrastructure.

Our main focus is implementation of accounting and automation systems.

Since 2012, we have been developing and implementing business process automation systems based on RFID and are constantly searching for ways of developing identification technologies.

Company structure of ARDIX also includes the ID Card brand, under which we have become Ukrainian leaders in the field of RFID products.

Our clients are leading agricultural holdings, retailers, logistic companies, and engineering companies.

Our portfolio of successful projects in these and other areas:

  • Automation in the agricultural sector (elevators);
  • Railway infrastructure (tracking and control);
  • Inventory of fixed assets and containers (warehouse accounting);
  • Vehicle identification and parking automation;
  • Implementation of discount programs, and much more.

Our vision of the role of RFID in the future is that every business uses the full potential of identification solutions and achieves maximum efficiency thanks to it.


Contact us:

+38 096 306 75 25

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Ukraine, Kyiv, Dehtiarivska st, 33a, 2 floor


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