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Interprojekt GmbH

Design and modernization for the agricultural sector and municipal infrastructure


Interproject GMBH is one of the largest engineering companies in Ukraine, which also operates in the international market. Since 2006, the company has been specializing in the design and modernization of industrial facilities in the agricultural sector, and later – in the municipal infrastructure sector.
The team employs more than 150 specialists, 60 of them are highly qualified engineers. Every year, the project team develops more than three dozen objects. “Interproekt GMBH” is a full “project cycle” company. We accompany our customer: from the development of the project at the stage of idea to the commissioning of the completed object. We provide a range of services such as: consulting in the field of technology selection, facility design, construction management to control the timing and minimize costs, automation and technological start-up of the enterprise. Engineering competencies of the team allow customers to realize the most ambitious goals.
We are interested in the success of each of our clients and are focused on long-term relationships. The Interproject GMBH team formulates its mission as the creation of engineering solutions to improve the economy and the environment.
Our competencies are a tool for modernization and development of enterprises in the agricultural and municipal sectors.
The company’s specialists are constantly mastering promising areas and technologies that are able to design complex facilities: powerful elevators, incinerators, bioethanol plants, biogas plants.
The Cloud City software product was created for the digitalization of water supply and wastewater treatment enterprises. The development is carried out by a team of Ukrainian IT specialists under the leadership of Interprojekt.

The Cloud City product was created for the digitalization of water supply and sewerage enterprises. The development is carried out by a team of Ukrainian IT specialists under the leadership of Interprojekt. Cloud City is a synergy of many areas of knowledge and modern information technologies concentrated in a software product. Automation of production processes through structured digital information about assets and electronic document management. And as a result, efficient production activities and excellent financial condition of the enterprise.

The process of learning new technologies in design and constant analysis of global and local trends in the agricultural sector and energy efficient technologies is part of our corporate culture.

We offer the following areas for cooperation.


– Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services, including:
– Project management and project engineering
– Design of mechanical equipment and steel structures
– Electrical and instrumentation engineering
– Public construction, design of industrial structures and construction management
– 2D/3D design
– Procurement
– Health, safety and environment and regulatory issues


– Design of control and automation systems
– Automation and programming
– Design, manufacture and testing of control panels
– Installation, commissioning and integration
– Consulting, selection, supply, design and installation of SCADA systems and automatic metering systems
– Precision farming and digital agriculture (Forland farm management software)


– Development of municipal policies and regulations for the maintenance of urban infrastructure and consultations with stakeholders
– Analysis and optimization of business processes for utility companies and strategy development
– Inventory of water supply and sewerage assets
– Design, development and installation of an automated system for remote dispatch control of technological processes
– Design, development and installation of ASKOE
– Design, development and installation of an automated water consumption metering system
– Development and implementation of software tools to improve water supply management, incl:
– Geographic information system (GIS) CLOUD CITY and Hydraulic modeling tool (HIM)


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