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Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.


Our company was founded in 1996 by a group of specialists in the automation of the metallurgical production sphere at Research Institute Chermet. The high qualification of our employees and the quality of project implementation quickly brought the company into the leaders of the Ukrainian automation market, and with the amount of automated ore-thermal furnaces into the leaders of the European market.

Nowadays, Vega Plus is the general contractor for the development and implementation of APCS projects in almost all industrial spheres, has experience of project implementation all around the world, and is the author of dozens of copyright certificates, patents, scientific papers, and monographs.

About the project: What makes your product competitive? Is it high quality, low cost or Effective marketing? Most likely all of the foregoing. But how to achieve all this, especially today – in the era of the new industrial revolution and conditions when the competitors breathing down your neck? We believe that the key factors of a modern successful manufacturing enterprise are production processes optimization and staff qualifications.

However, the following obstacles arise – the high cost of innovations and the lack of specialists with relevant qualifications in the job market. Trying to overcome these obstacles, we have come to the decision to create Service-Integration Center LLC, a division of our company, whose employees could provide qualified 24/7 support services remotely.  This solution has allowed our customers not only to save on staff costs and equipment depreciation, but also to receive an independent audit of production capacities and timely information about the latest industry innovations for successful planning of further enterprise development.

Company Services:

– software development. Creating a software optimized for the needs of your enterprise production processes. Finalization of software created by other companies.

– software products audit. An independent audit of software products will optimize the efficiency of software by solving operational problems, elimination of vulnerabilities and system errors, partial modernization, etc. The audit report provided to the customer includes recommendations for correcting the problems been discovered, suggestions for improving the efficiency of the software product, the main directions of development of the software and hardware complex. All of this will allow the client to effectively plan

further enterprise development.

– software modernization. This service allows to maintain the enterprise software package at a modern level, correct errors of unscrupulous contractors, and promptly make the necessary changes to the software.

– accompaniment of APCS projects. The need for project support may arise when there is doubt about the competence of an employee or contractor if the client needs independent control of work or expert opinion on the warranty case.

– Stuff training. If you want the personnel qualification level to be constantly high or to expand production powers, and there is no required specialist, then you can remotely train an employee to work with the equipment that you interesting in.


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