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Network of Centers 4.0 in Ukraine

Innovation ecosystem of Industry 4.0

Network of Centers 4.0 in Ukraine

Innovation ecosystem of Industry 4.0



Important new players for Ukrainian Industry 4.0’s innovative ecosystem are the regional Centers for Industry 4.0. These Centers, formed on the basis of leading technical universities, have 4 major roles:

  1. Networking and Hub Centers become the focus of events and networking in their regional and industry ecosystems.
  2. Market education – launching systematic activities for general education of Ukrainian markets and customers.
  3. New training programs – the release of new courses and training programs on technology 4.0 (both for students and market participants).
  4. R&D – new developments on technology 4.0.

As of July 2019, such centers have already been opened in 3 regions:

  1. Kyiv – the base of NTU «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Igor Sikorsky». Coordinator – Department ATEP / TEF.
  2. Kharkiv – based at the National Aerospace University H. E. Zhukovsky «Kharkiv Aviation Institute», Chair of Computer Systems, Networks and Cyber Security.
  3. Odessa – on the basis of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, «MiRONAFT» Research Laboratory of Mechatronics and Robotics.

The partner network, which plans to open the following Centers 4.0, is also included:

  1. Kyiv – National University of Food Technologies
  2. Sumy – Sumy State University.
  3. Zaporizhzhia – «Zaporizhzhia Polytechnica».

Centers 4.0 are included in the state-level development program – they are part of the new Innovation Strategy of Ukraine, overseen by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. So far, these programs are not yet funded. But with the combined efforts of Centers 4.0, they are performing a great scope of works under these new roles. New trainings courses, training of new level specialists, issuing of training manuals, regular holding of Automation Technical Days (TDA) and seminars, active participation in translation and promotion of Industry 4.0 technical standards, holding and participation in conferences, including international, new developments – including number with commercial market participants, members of APAPU jointly and movement 4.0 – the list of activities.


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