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Smart City challenges principles

Smart City – challenges and principles

When we think about what components make up a Smart City, many ideas come to mind regarding technology, cybersecurity, and numerous mobile applications. However, the concept of a Smart City is quite broad and multifaceted, which must be taken into account when planning the implementation of Smart City systems in


The Role of Cybersecurity in Smart Cities and Smart Regions

One of the hottest topics in the IT world today is the role of cybersecurity in smart cities and smart regions. A number of issues and challenges arise as a result of the increased technological capabilities of such cities, including devices hijacking attacks. Besides these, authorities are also challenged by

Smart city Internet of Things

What is a Smart City?

Mission of a smart city A smart city is an urban environment that uses information technology to improve the lives of its citizens. This includes optimizing city functions, improving connectivity, and increasing the safety of residents. Smart city technologies also promote a thriving local economy. In addition, they boost the