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TIMA’s Logistic Robot Offers Effective and Speedy Cargo Handling in Warehouses

TIMA logistic robot allows you to optimize warehouse logistics and increase the speed and quality of cargo handling. The TIMA warehouse robot is designed to transport goods weighing up to 100 kg through the territory of a closed warehouse with the ability to identify and avoid obstacles.

Logistic robot TIMA can be programed to follow flexible routes in the warehouse to move products between workers, stations, warehouses and integrated into WMS, ERP or other corporate system. Using warehouse robots allows warehouse employees to focus more on quality control rather than move around different parts of warehouse.

Thanks to the advanced software, TIMA recognizes voice commands and is oriented in space, can independently move along the specified route, and automatically returns to the station for recharging. Remotely, the system is controlled from smartphone, tablet or website via Wi-Fi or a 3G / LTE mobile network. In addition to voice control, the operator can remotely give commands either through the site or through a mobile application.

Logistics workers will benefit from collaborating with TIMA robots, while customers will see faster service and higher quality. By reducing human errors, TIMA logistic robot can bring in significant profits and can also reduce warehouse costs. 


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