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Webinar «How to help Ukraine to build a more robust Infrastructure & Industry», 13th of December, 16:00 CET

Ukrainian critical infrastructure (power, water, gas) is subject to random attacks by bombs, rockets and drones. An additional problem is that many assets are ageing and suffer unexpected downtimes. 
Service providers in the utilities sector do their utmost best to react to the damages and failures, but need to fall back on rather traditional procedures and methods. Together with disrupted supplies of spares, this unfortunately results in long down times of the critical infrastructure. 

That’s why Ukraine wants to improve repair and replacement strategies and processes of assets, such as pump stations, electric substations, transmission lines, and many more.  Currently there is a need for knowledge, solutions, tools and spares for immediate repairs. Ukraine is also looking for solutions to manage and repair obsolete or scarce spare parts. Another idea is to set up a centralised Asset Health Center which would monitor the status of the grids. After the war Ukraine wants to rapidly transition towards industry 4.0. That’s why Ukraine is also on the outlook for innovative solutions for advanced manufacturing and asset management solutions and methodologies to be implemented during reconstruction. 

BEMAS is in contact with APPAU, the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, and with the Industry4Ukraine platform and the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance. BEMAS is taking the initiative to motivate organisations active in asset intensive environments in Belgium and Europe to help Ukraine. We want to bring them in contact with Ukrainian engineering service companies, distributors, system integrators and other stakeholders that want to provide a better and more efficient response to the challenges the Ukrainian infrastructure and industry is faced with. They are also preparing to build a more robust, resilient and innovative infrastructure and industrial asset base after the war in the framework of the grand plan for the Recovery of Ukraine

We invite you to learn more about the possibilities to help Ukraine during this webinar on Tuesday 13/12/2022 at 16:00 CET. M. Alexandre Yurchak, chairman of APPAU and author of the Top 10 UCA proposals in the field of Advanced Manufacturing, will explain what are the current and future needs in Ukraine and how organisations in Belgium an Europe can help Ukraine get a more robust infrastructure and industry today and tomorrow.  

A not-to-be-missed webinar for any type of stakeholder active in industry and infrastructure (asset owners, service providers, solution providers, consulting companies, training and education organisations, etc…)!


  • Impact of the war on infrastructure and industry in Ukraine- Power distribution
    • Watersupply
    • Heating
    • Industrial infrastructure
  • Current urgent needs for repair and maintenance of infrastructure and industry in Ukraine
    • Spares
    • Technical documentation on knowhow
    • Managerial documentation on knowhow
  • Roadmap for a robust post-war infrastructure and industry in Ukraine
    • Technical knowhow on applicable innovations
    • Remote monitoring
    • Digital twins
    • Managerial consulting (train the trainer)
    • Spare parts management
    • Setting up preventive maintenance programme
  • Collaboration with CSIA (Control System Integrators Association in US) and APPAU:
    examples on how both communities can help each other
  • How can Belgian and European companies & organisations take action to help today and tomorrow?

About the speakers

Alexandre Yurchak

Alexandre Yurchak, CEO Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) and Industry 4.0

The mission of Alexandre is to help growing professional communities in industrial hi-tech sectors where he manage the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA), and Association of Industrial Automation (APPAU as the part of UCA). He works as strategist and project manager in realization of the Ukrainian strategies in area of Cluster and innovation development, Industry 4.0 and of their relative domains. 

Alex Chausovsky, Control System Integrators Association in US (CSIA)

Alex is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than twenty years of expertise across subjects including economics, industrial manufacturing, automation, and advanced technology trends.

Oleksii Shcherbatenko, IT-Enterprise business development partner.

Oleksii has 15 years of experience in business processes automation and digital transformation of large and small-scale enterprises. He helps companies integrate Industry 4.0 innovative solutions to maximize their potential and improve efficiency in their daily tasks.

Wim Vancauwenberghe, Director BEMAS

Wim has studied dozens of best practices in maintenance up close at various companies across a wide range of industries. He also often gets the chance to meet top maintenance professionals from all over the world. Thanks to this extensive experience, he knows that a lot of companies still have a lot of potential and can improve by reducing the gap between ‘maintenance and production’ and ‘management’ and by focusing on long-term production reliability.

In collaboration with

BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association is a dynamic non-profit organisation for Maintenance and Asset Management Professionals

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