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Agri-food matchmaking on accelerating resource efficiency, renewable energy and scaling up of circular fertilizer solutions

05 December 2022

Virtual event

This matchmaking event, will focus on the agri-food ecosystem and in particular on the topics of:

  • uptake of resource efficiency technologies,
  • deployment of renewable energy and
  • scaling-up of innovative circular fertiliser production methods.

In line with the objectives of the EU’s renewed industrial strategy, as well as in the framework of the Farm to Fork strategy and the Circular Economy Action Plan, European companies, in particular SMEs, should take measures to save resources (water, energy, waste) and engage in the circular economy.

Due to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, fertilizer supply chains to the EU have been disrupted, electricity supply difficulties have begun, and general tensions have arisen that are affecting the course of all processes. In such a situation, it is especially important to increase the resilience of SMEs and large companies to negative impacts. Increasing resilience will be facilitated by the transition to renewable energy, resource-efficient technologies, and the expansion of alternative fertilizer production methods.
The introduction of such technologies will help the transition of the agro-food ecosystem to sustainable development. This can be implemented both within clusters, which will add value to the entire value chain, and by individual SMEs.

In preparation for this event, a preparatory webinar was held on 17 November 2022 to offer participants contextual information and an overview of how to approach the matchmaking session.
View the webinar recording:

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