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AJAX: the most award-winning wireless security system in Europe

In autumn 2020, jointly with a Norwegian distributor of security systems and manufacturer of wired fire alarms Elotec, Ajax won a tender from the municipality of Bergen to protect the wooden architecture of the city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wireless Ajax detectors will provide an opportunity to protect the city center without disturbing the buildings’ interior.

Ukrainian tech company of professional wireless security system Ajax that protects commercial and residential properties of any scale is the most award-winning in Europe in its industry. Founded in Kyiv 10 years ago, in 2011, by Aleksandr Konotopskyi, today, the number of users and industry professionals using Ajax products is over 900,000 in more than 120 countries across the world.

What was the challenge?

Bergen has been affected by multiple fires over centuries, but the city is still one of Europe’s most prominent historical centers with wooden architecture. The city has 12 districts with old wooden buildings located close to each other and about 11,000 residents. 

Every resident or business owner in the protected area of Bergen had an opportunity to apply for installing a fire alarm system and connecting to the fire monitoring station free of charge. 

What is the solution?

Ajax fire detectors have a synchronous alarm function (interconnect) — when one detector is triggered, all fire detectors within the system are activated. Following Elotec’s initiative for the Bergen project, the Ajax R&D team needed to implement a delay in interconnect distribution and transmitting alarms to the fire monitoring station to minimize fire brigades’ false calls.

Hub control panels, FireProtect fire detectors, and Button panic buttons (with the new alarm interconnect delay function) will be provided for every house.

If the owner of the premises simply overcooks a meal on the stove, they can press the Button within 2 minutes from the moment when smoke was detected, thus postponing alarm transmission. In this way, they will have another 10 minutes to air the premises out, prevent the alarm from spreading to other detectors, and prevent false calls to the fire brigade. However, if the Button is not pressed within 2 minutes, the alarm will be directly transmitted to the fire department. 

What are the final results?

In total, 13 street fire detection cameras and 640 Ajax indoor systems (Hub control panels, FireProtect fire detectors, and Button panic buttons) will be used to protect the areas. 

The installation of wired alarms entails laying cables, which is costly and not always possible, as is the case with securing the World Heritage Site. It was imperative to keep the exterior and interior of the buildings intact.

The Ajax security system is reliable as wired solutions, but its installation requires much fewer resources. Considering that not all residents of the houses could agree to installing cables, installing Ajax was the ideal solution for the municipality.

Wireless fire solutions are becoming a trend in the security industry. Ukrainian Ajax is the world trendsetter of the sphere providing the best solutions for industrial and cultural sectors globally.

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