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All Things IIoT Day

March 2nd, 2023, 9:00 – 13:00 ET


New event as part of IIoT World Days series. We will explore the most innovative real-world use cases of AI, AR, ML, and IIoT.

We will bring together a wide audience from around the world to learn about the most innovative use cases for IIoT in various industries.

The topics we will discuss are:

What CEOs talked about in early Q1/2023;
Pitching the Future: IIoT and AI Startups Take the Stage;
Rethinking IIoT to Stay Competitive in the Manufacturing Industry;
Activate your Industrial Data Lake for Data Products;
MQTT and Sparkplug: Delivering Plug-and-Play Interoperability for IIoT.

The content is targeted to CxOs, executives, as well as technology-oriented executives, engineers, IT/OT professionals.

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