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Anti-crisis Analytic Center for Industry of Ukraine

Progressive industrial communities as Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) reacted on COVID-19 with the initiative of creation Anti-crisis Analytic Center for Industry of Ukraine (AACI). Together with partners from the business federation Industry4Ukraine, APPAU created such a Centre by the end of March 2020.

The centre united 10 leading experts from Finance & Economic, Manufacturing, Industrial hi-tech, GR and marketing fields. The centre put into the focus the analytics and recommendations for the Government & Industries of next themes, relevant to COVID-19 threats

  • General anti-crisis measures taken at the level of government and businesses
  • Specific COVID-19 impact as respect and anti-pandemic measures in quarantine time. That included also measures and recommendation ho to mobilize local resources.
  • Changes in industries and markets, export and internationalization
  • Changes in domain of finance, technologies, workforce and human resources, supply chain and so on

The main product of AACI activities is the weekly analytic digest, see all them here. The each next digest became more specific and thematic, and more professional in look and analytics. For instance, see digest #4 (Ukr) that was dedicated to the analysis of reaction of Ukrainian high-tech communities on COVID-19 issues and to what extent it was relevant.

Analytic digests of AACI had good acceptance from professional and expert communities. However, the level of engagement of Government officials remains still low. AACI has not yet influenced leading industrial communities groups (there are 5 the most powerful in Ukraine) and did not get in close relations with key opinion leaders from Parliament and Government. 

To cope with that issue, in May AACI started cooperation with Ministry of economic development and Trade of Ukraine, and UNIDO.

AACI continue the search of donation to become more powerful and influenced, more covering of target audience in the next directions

  1. GR and more specifically the development of relations and recommendations for a concrete department of Ministries and Parliament committees. Weekly digests will be completed with policy papers.
  2. Engagement of key State opinion leaders into direct communication with businesses communities.
  3. Better interaction and alignment in recommendations development with international organizations, similar organization from Eastern Europe and key Western partners of Ukraine such as Germany and France.

Empowered AACI can be the true impact center helping to take right anti-crisis decisions and to form solid industrial policies for Ukrainian government, helping as well to domestic industries to better seize new opportunities. AACI should be as well aligned with new EU industrial policies.

AACI also invites international and domestic writers and analysts to cooperation in analytic works with regard to Industrial and Hi-tech policies of Ukraine.

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