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New technologies and Personal service Robots by INFOCOM LTD

INFOCOM LTD, Ukrainian developer of unmanned ground vehicles technology, have already applied its software to smaller objects – personal service robots.

Robotic market has been predicted to boom especially in personal and service sectors. Robotic engineers in INFOCOM LTD have already developed useful applications and corresponding robot skills to be personal assistant – Tima Robot. Personal service robots, tele- and remote-presence robots, medical companions and entertainment robots, home education and training robots, waiter-robots and promotion robots are examples of personal service robots which can be operated by a lay person.

Tima Robot has mobile robot fleet management system that is typically used in the context of industrial applications, from autonomous cars in warehouses. Additionally, it equipped with the solution of visual perception system so the machine can detect people and avoid them.

The challenge was fulfilled to create service robot-assistant integrating several technologies and to make robot very simple so that anyone could operate it.

The following tasks can be fulfilled using INFOCOM LTD’s Tima Robot:

  • Autonomously navigates the route;
  • Performs programmed tasks (two-way delivery of medicines, cargos etc.);
  • Can follow the person;
  • Orientation in environment and avoiding obstacles;
  • Identifies voice commands;
  • Makes indoor disinfection.

The case shows huge variety of personal service robots applications.

More details on our Youtube page

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