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I believe that the future is in new technologies – Eduard Trotsenko, Infocom Ltd.

Infocom Ltd is a leader of Ukrainian Industry 4.0 in segments of traditional Industrial Control System. But today the company is in fast development in segments of UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), machine vision, drones and artificial intelligence. “How it is possible to cover so different segments and why they invest into them”, – these questions to the owner and CEO of company, Eduard Trotsenko.

  • Why the company specialised in Industrial Automation began to invest in unmanned technology, cloud solutions and artificial intelligence?

Solutions and approaches to business are developing rapidly every year. Artificial intelligence, robots and cloud solutions are those areas that are already changing the entire business in the world. Naturally, in connection with these rapid changes, the needs and demands of our customers are transforming.

The qualifications and experience acquired over 25 years allow us to respond flexibly to changes and propose new approaches to solving problems. We monitor the emergence of new technologies, introduce them and are always open to any innovations. As for unmanned technologies, many casualties on the country’s roads, as well as the ongoing hostilities in Eastern Ukraine prompted me to develop this area specifically. Moreover, in 2015 we already had some experience in designing an unmanned train.

What project are you particularly proud of?

Each business owner is proud of their projects, it is difficult to answer which is better. All of them are designed to solve various problems in the global community. For example, one of our last areas is the development of assistant robots. In this area, we help various business sectors to increase staff productivity. Such robots can be used in the field of medicine, where they will help minimize contact with the infected, deliver drugs, disinfect rooms. They will also become good helpers at events, will be able to replace your presence at conferences, exhibitions, with the help of the robot you can get distance education and so on. We applied cloud solutions to the production of charging stations. And today we are developing our network of charging stations in Ukraine. Our charging stations are inexpensive, but their quality does not concede European ones. The company’s portfolio already has DC-DC fast charging stations. We used machine vision and neural networks in the development of the Driver Assistant, a service for monitoring the current traffic situation and helping the driver. As you can see, we have solutions for both large businesses and users.

Why does the company invest its funds in such high-tech developments?

I believe that the future is in such technologies. To work in this direction is promising and I think that is necessary for our company.

Are you open to outside investment?

Yes, of course. We are already participating in various initiatives such as grants, hackathons, etc. We regularly visit world exhibitions and conferences to attract investment for our projects.

What kind of development do you see in the future?

Growth in the investment attractiveness of companies working with artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and robotics is inevitable. This is the largest and most interesting trend since the invention of the Internet. These technologies are bringing real benefits to all sectors of the economy now and they will continue doing it in the future.

Read more about Infocom Ltd and their new business direction on their new web-site dedicated to UGV, –

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