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Standardization in Ukraine

Industry 4.0 is based on international standards. It is impossible to imagine today how to ensure interoperability and interaction of smart machines, processes, things and people without common standards. In Ukraine, Technical Committee 185 «Industrial Automation» (TC 185) works together with the Association of Industrial

Anti-pandemic program for Ukraine from EY

Anti-pandemic program for Ukraine from international consultancy leader EY (ex. Ernst & Young) has been recently supported and promoted by APPAU through its channels. In analytic digest #4 which was fully dedicated to the topic «Digital communities fight COVID-19» we called this program as the

Smart integration into Global Value Chains

Today the world discusses a lot the topics of reshoring, rebuilding regional and global value chaine and Manufacturing-as-a-service. Ukraine, as the biggest country of Eastern Europe with big industrial and he-tech potential can contribute to all such strategies, nevertheless for EU, or for worldwide countries. 

The Landscape Industry 4.0 in Ukraine

The second version of the Ukrainian Industry 4.0 landscape provides an overview of 80+ companies distributed by Industry 4.0 technology and applications segments. This is the result of a market survey conducted by APPAU in March-May 2019.