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Case of Ukraine: looking for the right place in the global Industry 4.0 Landscape

The concept and technologies of Industry 4.0 are corestone for any country caring for a competitive position of its manufacturers & developers in the global arena today. Developed countries invested billions to prepare their ecosystems, manufacturers and innovators to 4th industrial revolution. Having small or zero support from their State developing countries demonstrate rather poor performance and are laggards in this worldwide race.

Ukraine is such a country. Till now, Ukraine has no industrial strategies oriented to the future and clearly targeting Industry 4.0 development that supported by the State.

In opposite, Ukraine has 3 important assets:

  1. Strong business community, united by Association of industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) into the national movement «Industry 4.0 in Ukraine» (120+ members). APPAU has developed the national strategy and took commitment for several projects like the development of the ecosystem, market education, technical standards, digital roadmap, network of Centre 4.0 and so on.
  2. Strong IT and engineering resources. Based on post-soviet heritage Ukraine continue to maintain big education and science system, one of the biggest in Eastern Europe (100+ technical universities and 120 research institute). This system generates yearly almost 40 thousand engineers. Many of them come into local engineering companies (300+) and IT-industry (1000+ companies).
  3. Good level of innovators 4.0. Elevating strong innovation ecosystem APPAU formed the Ukrainian landscape 4.0 ready to be integrated into different formats of international cooperation, see.

Therefore, having weak State and very limited internal market but strong skills and resources, Ukrainian innovators 4.0 must go abroad. But how to do it in the turbulant time of post COVID-19 era?

This question appeal as well to the review of the trends and policies in EU and worldwide

  • Global context: what is new post COVID-19 landscape and actual trends of Industry 4.0 worldwide.
  • Regional context: what are general EU policies regarding Eastern Europe (not EU) countries in the domain of Digitalization of Manufacturing? If programs like Eastern Partnership (EaP) and other are available, and if they are relevant for challenges we consider in Industry 4.0? If there are any other programs of international cooperation relevant for Industry 4.0? What are best practices of our neighbors like Poland which is now leader of Eastern Europe in Manufacturing?
  • Ukrainian context: What could be right positioning and strategies of Ukrainian innovators 4.0 in changing EU landscape with regard to new trends of isolation and national protectionism. Finally, if they should mobilize their efforts and resources what would be the optimal way under such circumstances?

In the online forum Next Normality: Let’s prepare 29 of May we will discuss these question with 4 experts

  • Yannick Fourastier, CEO of Codeurope Consulting SAS, France.
  • Laurent Kurylo, CEO of Eliande Consulting.
  • Andrzej Soldaty, President of the Future Industry Platform, Poland.
  • Oleg Shcherbatenko, CEO of IT-Enterprise Ukraine.

Moderator: Alexandre Yurchak, CEO of APPAU, Ukraine.

Participation is free but the number of places is limited. Book your place by asking Alexandre by email

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