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INFOCOM Remote Support control systems of industrial plants EN

International company INFOCOM LTD is providing maintenance and remote support of industrial enterprises, scheduled works for control systems (ACS TP) from our developers and certified specialists in real-time mode on a 24/7 basis. We provide a secure connection (hardware & software), compliance to safety protocol for data protection.

Our service for remote support of automated control systems became highly requested during COVID-19. As there was no possibility for our automation engineers to be present on Site in 24 hours for maintenance purposes, we suggested a remote way to handle urgent tasks.

INFOCOM LTD is supporting its projects in Europe and abroad. Working in different industry sectors (Food Industry, Chemical, Agricultural etc.). For industrial plants – security is important. So, firstly, one of the chief tasks was solved – connection security, for this we have tested and recommend to our customers a secure way to connect to industrial facilities – a complex of hardware and software to be 100% sure in reliability of our proposition.

Within this during 2021 and 2022 year INFOCOM LTD have been supporting the following production plants:

  • Plant for production of oil & fat in (Turkey)
  • Oil extraction plant (Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Belgium, United Kingdom) and the list of plants is growing.

Remote maintenance and support is of high urgency for companies

  • that have non-stop production process, when it’s expensive to have non-authorized stops that can lead to product damage;
  • that have high cost of lines downtime (for example ports and transshipment terminals).

Our goal is to make remote support effective and secure:

  • Provide prompt assistance in the analysis of incidents 24/7;
  • Provide protection against harmful/unqualified interference in technological processes and unauthorized access to ACS TP;
  • Reduce equipment downtime by promptly involving external specialists in solving diagnostic, start-up, maintenance tasks
  • Improve the quality and speed of scheduled repairs, equipment replacements
  • Eliminate service delays related to the arrival of specialists at the facility (excluding travel expenses)

To order Remote support, maintenance, service from INFOCOM LTD team – contact our Managers.

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