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Best examples of Innovators 4.0 in Ukraine

There are many examples of innovations and innovators of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine. Here are a dozen best examples from different segments.

  • Infocom Ltd is almost one Ukrainian developer in the UGV (unmanned Ground Vehicle) segment, who has created a whole portfolio of new products. These are unmanned vehicles, robotic platforms for security, fire and military purposes, other military unmanned aerial vehicles, high-tech products for solar energy and for electric transport infrastructure. In 2020 Infocom Ltd launched a special web-site dedicated to UGV segment, see
  • Smart Factory  is also a Ukrainian MES/APS development that is required by industrial enterprises as they go to the integration of manufacturing lines and machines in workshops. IT-Enterprise also has a number of other advanced products and is increasingly featured in the Landscape 4.0.
  • SoftElegance one of the first services companies to return to the home market after successful implementation in the USA. The company’s solutions in the field of predictive analytics and predictive maintenance have already attracted the attention of several large Ukrainian customers. aGnostic is a leading product on SoftElegance in predictive analytics.
  • Molfar Technology  One of the few young firms that has emerged from a University (Sumy) and has good designs and solutions in several areas, as AI / Drones / Machine vision.
  • Boost-VR  is another startup that comes from the Aviation University in Kharkiv, and have a number of solutions – simulators for industrial production and energy.
  • is well know drones manufacturer with applications in Agro-industry, but also in Energy and Infrastructure.
  • SoftEngi have their vision for digital twins with the extensive use of XR technology. There is an interesting white paper on this topic on their web-site.
  • In the Robotics segment we select the developer Triada-Welding. Their robotic welding complexes are in high demand in Ukraine. They are based on Yaskawa’s components and provie complete turnkey solutions for different welding applications. The company is also experimenting extensively in the areas of AR/VR and 3D.
  • Interesting examples in 3D are IMATEK, Sprybuild and Chervona Khvylya. The former can make complex decisions – up to 3D farms, the latter is a manufacturer of Ukrainian 3D printers, and as they say on their site – are the fastest printers in the world. And Chervona Khvylya has invented innovative 3D printing technology, that can significantly save the cost of titanium for the aerospace industry.
  • Melta (Kyiv) is comaing from National Academy of Science of Ukrain, they have unique capabilities and know-how on nanocrystalline materials.

Ukrainian landscape of innovators 4.0 is various, fast evolving and rich on different innovations.

Looking for more specific information about innovations of Industry 4.0? Use the search option on the main page of this site. For your convenience we specified all innovation through Industry, Technology and Application.

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