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Blockchain engineering for energy and fintech industries

Description –  software engineering provider specializing in industrial solutions using decentralized, Web3 and Blockchain technologies.

The core competence of the company is the creation of solutions that transform traditional economic systems and accelerate their development through the use of distributed models. Main application areas: Energy, FinTech, Supply Chain, Green & Sustainable Finance, Web3. has been developing the Electrodo product, a software solution that helps industrial companies and financial institutions manage ESG  risks and green assets. is headquartered in Odesa Ukraine and has an international office in Singapore.

The priority areas for are Energy, Sustainable development and Geen FinTech.

Technology Stack:

  • Programming Languages – Rust, Solidity, and JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js, React).
  • Platforms and systems – Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Polkadot (Substrate), NEAR, IPFS, libp2p.
  • Cloud services and infrastructure solutions – Azure, AWS, IBM, Kubernetes, Docker, Kibana, Ansible, Jenkins.

Together with you can:

  • Get a turnkey blockchain-powered software business solution.
      • Implement industrial Web3, IoT and Robotics solutions using blockchain technology, ensuring safe data and assets/value transfer between devices.
      • Apply tokenization in various business models, including further technical development and solutions implementation in your project ecosystem.
  • Get an independent security audit of smart contracts
  • Issue a token for your project in Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, NEAR, Solana, Flow and many other blockchain platforms.
  • Create your own NFT marketplace working with EVM networks, compatible with OpenSea.
  • Create a crypto wallet and asset management solution.
  • Collect requirements for your project according to the SRS standard and get technical documentation that will allow you to start the process of developing your product.
  • Get a team of highly qualified DevOps specialists with many years of experience in blockchain projects to your project.
  • Extend your team with engineers and scientists with solid expertise in distributed systems to boost R&D projects.

In our work, we combine a set of best practices and approaches for software solutions engineering. They include an iterative delivery model, quality assurance, team management, and project governance. The application of these practices ensures smooth project progress, transparency, and high quality of the deliverables.

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Ukraine, Odessa, Genuezskaya str. office 62

+38 073 161 48 45


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