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Triada Ltd

Development and installation of robotic welding systems

Triada Ltd


Development and installation of robotic welding systems


Today, there is not a single enterprise in Ukraine that does not face the issue of modernization and re-equipment of existing production facilities. Everyone understands that the successful development of the country in the industrial sector depends on our ability to quickly and effectively engage in the development of global processes of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Industrial modernization is primarily the development and interaction of small and medium-sized businesses that can quickly and effectively respond to the movement and development of global industry. This is the development of narrow technological platforms, the development of system integrators, engineering companies, production clusters, etc., the creation of a common platform for their communication, association, interaction.

For 30 years, Triada-Welding has been boldly mastering the new, fighting for it, offering, implementing, considering itself on the scale of the entire industry, working closely with other enterprises and defending the interests of the country as a whole.

Our specialists provide engineering and consulting services, this is a joint development of technical specifications, selection of equipment, bringing design developments to the stage of production: delivery and installation of robotic welding complexes, then – technical support of equipment.

The high qualification and competence of the company’s specialists is the key to the optimal solution of problems in terms of price, quality, productivity and the introduction of the latest technologies in the welding process.

We have developed unique robot modules for the general public and formed them into a line of ready-made solutions that can be selected and applied in production. These solutions have the value of combining cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, versatility at the deepest level of all our knowledge, skills and desire for technological balance.

Robotic link Triada-Robo is a unique and versatile product.

Production and engineering company “TRIADA” LLC (Triada-Welding) is a leader in welding and technological production, in the field of additive welding technologies, engineering, design and robotization of welding processes.

The history of Triada-Welding began in 1992. The company is an integrator of industrial robotic welding systems, offers technologies and solutions for the development of industries that use welding processes in Industry 4.0. Triada-Welding conducts foreign economic and export activities.

The main types of activity:

– engineering;

– welding process technology;

– additive, 3D metal growing technology;

– outsourcing;

– robotization of welding processes;

– design and manufacture of welding protection systems;

– design and manufacture of welding tools and conductors;

– training;


Field of activity: welding technologies, additive technologies, engineering, outsourcing, robotics, design and production of equipment, conductors, etc., protective systems for welding; training and R&D.

Positioning: Additive technologies by WAAM method, engineering and design, robotization of welding processes in mechanical engineering, aerospace and other industries. Industry 4.0 solutions.

Value proposition: additive manufacturing technologies for aerospace and machine building industries. Development of unique tooling and conductors, robotization of welding processes.

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Ukraine, 69005, Zaporizhzhya, blvd. Central, 4A, PO Box 4202 (central office)

Zaporizhzhia, 32 Pivdenne shosse (technical center)

+38 067 333 10 58

+38 050 322 95 53

+38 099 110 29 39


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