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Engineering company TRIADA LTD CO is a leader in the field of additive welding technologies, engineering, design and robotization of welding processes. Engineering company TRIADA LTD CO is a leader in welding and technology. The history of TRIADA LTD CO began in 1992. The company is the integrator of industrial robotic welding complexes, offers technologies and solutions for the development of industries using welding processes in Industry 4.0. TRIADA LTD CO conducts foreign economic and export activities.

The main activities:

  • engineering;
  • technology of welding processes;
  • Additive, 3D-technology for growing metal;
  • outsourcing;
  • robotization of welding processes;
  • design and manufacture of welding protection systems;
  • design and manufacture of welding tooling and conductors;
  • training;
  • R&D.

The company TRIADA LTD CO has 27 years of production experience and specialists have the high technical and professional level of knowledge. We successfully solve problems of any complexity in the field of design, engineering, development of welding technologies, integration and launch of robotic welding complexes. The company guarantees the high quality and reliability of its projects for the automation of welding processes. As a result we managed to gain the trust of the customers. The company has implemented many projects to introduce unique engineering solutions, welding technologies, integrate robotic systems in Ukraine and abroad.

Studying the problems of welding production in industry, the company has established its own production and technical center with a full diagnostic base to study additive 3D printing technologies and conducts research in this direction.

The engineering company TRIADA LTD CO is a member of the Ukrainian CCI, a member of the Society of Welders of Ukraine, regularly participates in various technical exhibitions, conferences and seminars. The company cooperates with the Department of Welding of the National University of Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic, other universities and colleges, organizes scientific and technical conferences for students on the basis of its technical center.

The company TRIADA LTD CO is always ready for any mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of welding.

Sphere of activity: welding technologies, additive technologies, engineering, outsourcing, robotization, design and production of equipment, conductors, etc., protective systems for welding; training and R&D.

Positioning:Additive technologies by WAAM method, engineering and design, robotization of welding processes in machine building, aerospace and other industries. Industry 4.0 solutions.

Value proposition: Additive manufacturing technologies for aerospace and engineering industries. Design of unique tooling and conductors, robotization of welding processes. Robotics

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Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy street, building 82, office 79, Zaporozhzhia, 69035, Ukraine.
+38 (061) 233 10 58,
+38 (067) 333 10 58,
+38 (050) 322 95 53,,


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