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C-Job Nikolayev

Ship design services

C-Job Nikolayev

Ship design services

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C-Job Nikolayev supplies engineering packages with a wide range of software. Cadmatic, Siemens NX, Napa, Intergraph, Rhinoceros 3D, ANSYS, Siemens Femap, AVEVA, Nauticus Hull, RFEM, BV Mars, Inventor, Ship Constructor and more.

Delivering MultiCad expertise

With C-Job Nikolayev we operate as the backbone of multiple marine engineering departments, all within the specific requirements of shipyards and ship owners.

Our attention to the client’s needs and our commitment to quality run parallel to the more obvious cost incentives.

Our Vision

A ship design by C-Job Nikolayev is always unique, inventive and functional and will meet all your strictest requirements.

C-Job likes to take on challenges and execute sustainable ship design projects whilst keeping a focus on your privacy.

  • Designs meet all requirements
  • Focus on privacy

Our Approach

One of the key factors to have a successful start of the engineering project is that our engineering departments, our clients and other external contracting companies can synchronize their work.

At C-Job Nikolayev we use an automated corporate project management system. Collecting data and managing processes in one program. We forecast the implementation of projects and introduce various innovations for higher efficiency of the company.

Your benefit

One of the great benefits is that you, as client, can join our engineers in watching the overall view of the ship design or analysis. Project managers and coordinators can also monitor the progress of the tasks performed.

This means that you continue to be involved in the entire process and we can consult you regularly.


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