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Engineering in the field of automation of technological processes


Engineering in the field of automation of technological processes


I4U is a team of teachers and practitioners in the field of process and production control. We specialize in modern technologies and automation standards, do research of standards, adapt them to local conditions, implement in production and pass this experience to others through the trainings.

Our competences:

System integration:

  • Developing automated process control systems
  • Cooperating with system integrators and other engineering companies as subcontractors
  • Our core competencies are in PLC+SCADA/HMI software from different manufacturers
  • Using IIoT technologies and related IIoT solutions, including industrial robots

Trainings and consulting services:

  • Conducting traditional PLC, SCADA/HMI courses (Siemens, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, etc.)
  • Conducting proprietary courses: IIoT, industrial networks, Batch Control (ISA-88/IEC-61512), “Basics of APCS for beginners”, “Basics of Design”
  • Conducting courses at Festo Didactic and SE training center or at customer location
  • Developing on-demand trainings
  • Providing consulting services

Innovations and own developments:

  • Using the latest approaches, best practices and standards in our solutions
  • PACFramework – development of a framework for PLC programming – brand-independent software development specification
  • PACFramework Tools – automation of software development for PACFramework
  • PACFramework IoTGateway – IIoT solution for PACFramework



Contact person: Oleh Klymenko


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