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Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.


uMuni is a highly integrated solution that helps to automate business activities. Extensive functionality allows to implement a system for small, medium and large customers. The flexible system architecture can handle either just one or thousands of buildings.

Energy Management.

Affordable tool for energy management in the company, based on an integrated analysis of temperature

Building Passportization

Detailed description of the building, it’s technical documentation and engineering networks

Assets Management

Control of the property, rent objects and other property rights of institutions

Activities & Upgrading

All the activities and implementations tracking with details and responsible people description

Client Cabinet

Ability to interact with customers due to the wide functionality of a system

Equipment Passportization

Full accounting of equipment with usage details, technical description and history of use for efficiency analysis


Full functionality for receiving and processing requests and dispatching calls

ISO 50001 Projects

Tracking and monitoring projects, completed according to the ISO 50001 energy management standard


Generation and analysis of bills with the ability to choose between different units and situations


A wide range of tools for communication via system, email and SMS



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