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Embedded vision prototype for automated livestock weight monitoring

Weight is an important indicator of a pig’s health, which makes regular weight monitoring vital to pig farming. But manual weighing is labor-intensive, especially on large farms; it takes multiple people and many hours to weigh animals one by one — and doing so daily expands that effort dramatically. This issue prompted Barkom, a Ukrainian agricultural company that specializes in growing pigs and cattle and selling self-produced food products, to find a technbology partner that could build a solution for automated, remote, and daily pig-weight monitoring.

Lemberg Solutions’ data scientists and embedded engineers have designed and built a computer vision-based prototype for automated pig weight monitoring. Based on a set of non-iterative neural networks and an innovative image recognition algorithm, the prototype allows visual estimation of an animal’s weight.

The work is still in progress for this project, as Lemberg Solutions is improving the prototype to make it into an easy-to-use handheld device. For more details, please see the full case study at 

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