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Rocket Factory Augsburg will launch Ukraininan Lunar Research Service

German launch startup Rocket Factory Augsburg has signed a new customer for the first launch of its RFA One rocket next year. The firm announced Nov. 18 a launch contract inked at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen with Ukraine-based Lunar Research Service (LRS) for launch of a research mission.

  • The spacecraft will launch on the first flight of the reusable RFA One launcher, currently set to take place at the end of 2022 from Andøya spaceport, Norway.
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg is a spinoff from German space technology company OHB founded in 2018. The three-stage RFA One launcher uses a cluster of 9 staged combustion engines on the first stage and is designed to carry up to 1,300 kilograms into a 300-kilometer polar orbit.
  • The LRS contract follows launch deals including those with LuxSpace and Plus Ultra Space Outpost.

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