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Sodick IoT – Software solution

Sodick is a world leading company in manufacturing of high-precision electrical discharge machines (EDM) and metal 3D printers.

Problem 1, challenge

Some support cases for the Sodick customers require Sodick tech support team members to be present onsite.
At the same time, the client is concerned that this kind of support takes significant time to resolve and budget, as tech specialists need to travel, keeping in mind the growing number of machines and the geography of customers (worldwide).

How we solved the problem

From customer’s expectations, the best solution would be an ability to remotely diagnose and resolve some support cases.
So we provided a secure cloud-based software solution that connects the client’s tech support team and the customers’ hardware, with customer team overseeing the process. Utilizing this tool, the support team does not need to go onsite.

  1. No need to travel onsite for the support team
  2.  Cloud solution for secure connectivity and remote machine maintenance
  3.  Customer queue and notifications management, online customer and support team collaboration mechanism

Problem 2, challenge

The client’s customers operate tens of thousands of devices across the world.
Customers experience machines downtime which slows down production lines. At the same time, there is no reporting/analytics tool that would bring the machine statistics together even within a single customer.
Data volumes produced by machines is huge and needs to be kept for a long time. Some of client’s customers are obsessed with data security, and not willing to share machine data.

How we solved the problem

We built a cloud solution for the client, that provides client’s customers with the machine maintenance automation and analytics their businesses need.
As security was one of the cornerstones, the software is built with multi-layered security to protect the data.
For the customers who are not considering sending machine data to cloud at all, an on-premise software package version is supplied.

  1. Online tool that provides data analytics across locations
  2. Automated alerts reduce hardware downtime
  3.  New client’s customers business opportunities such as automation on a global scale
  4. Solution for customers that do not consider cloud solutions

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