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The Landscape Industry 4.0 in Ukraine

The second version of the Ukrainian Industry 4.0 landscape provides an overview of 80+ companies distributed by Industry 4.0 technology and applications segments. This is the result of a market survey conducted by APPAU in March-May 2019.

The use of 4.0 technology for industrial applications is the main criterion for the choice of local innovators. In other words, a company that uses techno 4.0 in Banks, Retail, Agriculture, or Telecom is irrelevant to be included into the landscape of Industry 4.0. Such approach has been applied to take into account the needs and priorities of Industrial End Users, which requirements and approaches for industrial applications differ from other sectors. They are more rigid and have a higher entry barrier. The selection criteria also included checking the availability of use-cases and public mentioning in online sources. Thus, Landscape 4.0 includes today 85 companies distributed across 16 segments + 1 in system integration. The latter is the largest (21 companies), which is logical – many system integrators and technology companies in Ukraine have solutions based on new technologies and components, but which come from Western vendors.

Big Data / AI / Machine Learning (ML) is the leader in technology, where there are 30+ companies with their own products and solutions for the industry. In the second place is the segment of IoT-devices (27 companies), in the third place – AR / VR (11).

Compared to 2017, when 1st release appeared,  we see progress in several areas:

  • The total number of companies has grown primarily due to better accounting. If in 2017 there were about 50 companies in the landscape, mainly those operating domestically, the current growth of up to 80+ is due, first of all, to the inclusion of companies operating alos on global markets. It is also worth noting that in 2017 there were many “non-industrial” companies in the landscape, in particular, agriculture and B2C segments. There are no such deviations in the current landscape.
  • If we evaluate the dynamics of growth by individual segments, we realize rapid growth in the field of IIoT components & solutions, big data, drones, AR / VR, 3D, cyber-security.

Weak growth remains segments that require significant investments in hardware or complex solutions, these are segments like IIoT platforms, digital twins, UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) and robotics. So, the situation here is different and main issues are the higher market entry barriers, lack of development strategies in global markets, and low demand in the Ukrainian market.

Application Segmentation includes 14 world-leading Industry 4.0 segments.

DisclaimerIt should be noted that the difference in the criteria of segmentation with the previous is quite conditional.  The previous “technology-oriented” landscape also included applications.  For example, drones, robots, or unmanned aerial vehicles include a variety of technologies, from data processing to machine vision.

However, this next landscape may be useful to customers who are looking for more specific solutions.  They are the same 80+ companies, but distributed exclusively by application areas.  Such distribution should, in theory, be closer to the customers.  And especially when it is told about classic (3.0) applications but which are developing on techno 4.0.  For example, Remote control or MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), which are increasingly based on platforms and cloud services, and include mApps mobile applications.

So, we see the first segment that typically inherits technology and demand from 3.0 – remote control and monitoring.

But two other positions are interesting.  The Predictive maintenance segment also includes 13 participants.  At the same time, the level of their decisions in terms of functionality and reliability is still very different.

Since the 1st release of Landscape in 2017 we see the progress in some segments. For instance, the level of new types of Human-machine collaboration is growing significantly due to VR / AR technologies. Also, end users should pay attention to the Value chain optimization and MES / APS segments.  As a rule, these are the biggest challenges for Industry 4.0 in product integration.  Here, too, there are Ukrainian solutions and integrators, though a little of them.

In relation to the global trends in applications, and similar to the technology landscape, we see that the Ukrainian market is developing synchronously – the most innovators are in those segments that are most popular in the world.  These are predictive analytics and even more intelligent decision-making systems. 

Ukrainian landscape of innovators 4.0 is various, fast evolving and rich on different innovations.

Looking for more specific information about innovations of Industry 4.0? Use the search option on the main page of this site. For your convenience we specified all innovation through Industry, Technology and Application.

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