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8th December 2022

The International Trade Council has been actively supporting the Ukraine Government and Ukrainian business since the war began. We have active MOUs with the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, APPAU and other chambers in Ukraine where we offer free assistance for which our own staff volunteer their time and resources as well.

Support Ukraine by sourcing products and services from Ukraine suppliers, many of whom are still fully operational.

By sourcing from Ukraine companies will not only get a competitive edge in financial pricing, but you will have made a huge impact on the economics of the country.


  • Online B2B Matching with Ukraine Suppliers (live)
  • Live Networking with Government Ministers and Officials
  • Presentations from Suppliers and Government
  • Virtual Booths and Exhibition Space

Ukraine Industries Represented:

  • Software Development / IT Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Engineering Products
  • Textiles / Clothing / Fashion 
  • Other 

Land4Developers will have its stand at Buy From Ukraine virtual event. We invite you to visit our virtual booth and talk about cooperation opportunities.

Alexandre Yurchak, CEO Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) and Industry 4.0 will open the conference with the speech “Overview about Ukraine Industry, what is still operational, what sectors are running, and how exports can perform.”

We are also glad to have Land4Developers‘ listed companies present their virtual booth at the exhibition. And we invite you to come talk to them.

Number of Foreign Attendees: 500

Number of Ukraine Companies Exhibiting: 40

Attendees can log in any time from the start time through to the end because it’s an “open” virtual exhibition -but please register in advance as the platform has limited numbers of seats.

Cost to Attend: Free / Zero

Date: 8th December 2022

Opening Time:
08:00 EST -USA | 13:00 UK | 15:00 Ukraine | 16:00 Türkiye |  17:00 UAE | 18:30 India | 21:00 China/HK/Singapore/Manila

Ending Time:
14:00 EST -USA | 20:00 UK | 21:00 Ukraine | 22:00 Türkiye |  23:00 UAE |

Event Registration Link:

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