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Kryukovsky railway car building works

Machine building enterprise

Kryukovsky railway car building works

Machine building enterprise


Kryukov railway car building works is the machine building enterprise with full production cycle – from working-out and manufacturing up to deliveries of finished products to a customer with further technological service.

The enterprise basis is the powerful projecting-designing department with up-to-date technique for carrying out the necessary research, testing and technological works. Among designers and technologists of the enterprise there are highly skilled specialists in the field of freight car and passenger coach building, military engineering technique, escalator building, transport containers for people’s economy, etc.

“Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works” owns the considerable amount of know-how, patents and technical solutions relating to design solutions of manufactured and elaborated products. Enterprise constant relations with leading scientific-research institutes of Ukraine and Russia ensure the high level of developments made by Kryukovsky railway car builders.

Here are examples of prompt transformation of creative, design and commercial ideas into final products:

  • successful solution of the tasks in respect of new designs of freight cars creation (open-top cars, hopper cars for transportation of grain, mineral fertilizers, alumina, cement, flat-cars, box-cars);
  • creation of new bogies for freight cars, passenger coaches and metro cars;
  • creation of passenger coaches family and their serial production mastering;
  • working-out and mastering the production of tunnel and floor-to-floor escalators and the wide nomenclature of spare parts and components for undergrounds;
  • creation of domestic metro cars;
  • creation of high-speed locomotive-hauled interregional day trains and high-speed double-system interregional electrical multiple units;
  • creation of various containers for transportation of diverse loose cargoes and many other products.

The enterprise has highly developed blanking-metallurgical, assembly-welding, machine-assembly productions, the level of which conforms to the high requirements imposed to products.

The policy of enterprise in the field of quality maintenance is aimed at maximum satisfaction of demands of consumers of products and is based on thorough observance of national and international quality standards, on certification of production and all types of products.

“Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works” was one of the first machine building enterprises of Ukraine, which have certificated the quality system according to ISO 9001 standard, and the machine-assembling production of enterprise is the only one in Ukraine that has the certificate of conformity to standards of the Association of American Railroads. The works has also the quality certificates of Ukraine (UkrSEPRO), European standard of environmental protection, all necessary licenses and permissions for the right to manufacture and supply the products.


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