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Structurescope EG

Cyber-physical non-destructive testing

Structurescope EG


Cyber-physical non-destructive testing


“Structurescope EG” is a cyber-physical non-destructive testing (NDT) system designed to improve the quality of business asset management.

We are a high-tech, knowledge-intensive startup that started its activities in the field of using cyber-physical sensor technologies in industrial production. We challenge traditional methods of metallurgical testing and create the conditions for fully successful automation in your plant to improve your efficiency, ability to create new products and increase your sales.

Our team has competencies in the field of instrumentation, digital signal processing, programming, materials science, electromagnetism, which allowed us to design, assemble and configure the unique electronic components of Structurescope EG, write software applications in C, Python, Verilog languages that ensure the functioning of multi-frequency algorithms eddy current NDT.




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