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Progresstech Ukraine

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.


Progresstech Ukraine provides engineering services and software development to leading enterprises in high technology sectors. It is part of the Progresstechgroup, which operates engineering companies in Europe and North America and has 12 offices around the world. Progresstech Ukraine main partner and customer is The Boeing Company. In cooperation with major national technical universities, Progresstech Ukraine implements a variety of socio-educational projects and learning programs to develop Ukrainian engineering schools and to support young talent.


Stress analysis

  • Analysis of initial loads
  • Static analysis
  • Advice on engineering design
  • Finite element modeling
  • Detailed stress analysis of aircraft structure, including composites
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Damage tolerance analysis
  • Designing prototypes for static tests of an aircraft and development of test programs
  • Designing prototypes for durability and damage tolerance tests of an aircraft and development of test programs
  • Weight optimization at every stage of design; after-static, durability, damage tolerance, and flight tests
  • Preparation of certification reports
  • Stress analysis at operator requests


  • fuselage
  • wing
  • empennage
  • pylons
Aircraft systems
  • flight control
  • conditioning
  • automatic pressure control
  • oxygen
  • electric
  • hydraulic
  • fuel
  • vent and fuel-tank pressurization
  • heat and sound insulation
  • interior panels
  • overhead compartments
  • cabin partitions
  • installation of all cabin interior elements, including service area equipment and systems, galleys, and lavatory units

Production engineering support

  • Development of technological processes for final aircraft assembly, assembly support on site
  • Design of fixtures and tools
  • Optimization of technological processes

Preparation of maintenance documentation

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
  • Flight Information Manual (FIM)
  • Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)

Address: BC ‘Cubic-Center’ 3 Sholudenka St. Kyiv, Ukraine 04116

Tel: +380 (44) 594 56 60



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