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Field powerful power banks TEMERLAND with optional solar panels

Where, if not at the front, it is important to be in touch and have access to electricity and power.

To solve these problems, TEMERLAND engineers have developed and produced a field charging station to provide power supply to tactical units in extreme conditions.

The field powerful 1200W power bank has 2 AC 220V sockets, 4 USB ports and 2 car connectors. It is silent and will not disguise the group, unlike a noisy diesel generator.

The device can be charged from the AC 220 V network or autonomously – from two solar panels of 100 W each, which were optionally added to the power bank.

TEMERLAND has delivered to the frontline for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine several power banks made of batteries used in TEMERLAND unmanned robotic platforms. Now we are actively producing powerful field power banks to cover the requests from the military.
Volunteers and charitable foundations can apply to TEMERLAND for powerful field power banks for further transfer to the front.

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