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Key players in Industry 4.0 ecosystem development

Who are the key players in the development of the industrial high-tech ecosystem, including technology 4.0? Considering the number of activities and the scope, this list of individual industry initiators of Industry 4.0, according to the APPAU, looks like.

  1. The Ukrainian company IT-Enterprise is the leader of movement 4.0 in the category of IT companies and the leader in promotion 4.0. The company conducts a lot of events, releases case studies, success stories, regularly supports APPAU in various events, such as market surveys, events and more. According to APPAU, IT-Enterprise has the largest coverage of Ukrainian customers – it is hundreds of companies and thousands of executives and specialists in the industry. IT-Enterprise is the initiator of the biggest Industry 4.0 show in Ukraine, called Trans4mation Forum.
  2. Interpipe is also an important player in our ecosystem. Since 2017, Interpipe has been sponsoring annually the Industry 4.0 Conferences in Ukraine, the release of new cases of its own production, other APPAU events and Movement 4.0. But the biggest is Interpipe’s contribution to the development of the regional ecosystem – the company holds the largest Interpipe TechFest techno-festival in Ukraine every year. The event brings together about 20,000 participants and is a showcase of the best use-cases of high-tech.
  3. Rittal is the largest global investor of Ukrainian customers since 4.0 through the channel Hannover Messe – the World Championship of Industry 4.0. It regularly exports delegations of 50 people to Hanover – thus, over the last 5 years, hundreds of Ukrainian customers have visited this exhibition thanks to Rittal-Ukraine. The company also regularly sponsors APPAU events on Industry 4.0.
  4. Phoenix Contact German subsidiary in Ukraine is the largest sponsor and curator of Ukrainian technical universities in integrating them into the corporate innovation environment. 2 programs from this company – Xplore Automation Award and EduNet cover almost 2 dozen Ukrainian universities, and every year many of them visit Germany.
  5. Siemens is a leader in mass education and market education in technology 4.0, in particular in the field of industrial automation. Since 2017, the company has been conducting large-scale events that are attended by hundreds of market participants – industrial enterprises, integrators, developers. Siemens-Ukraine also invests in its own network of technical centers that have modern equipment and trains specialists.
  6. Fit for partnership with Germany program attracts dozens of new SME leaders each year in exchange with Germany. Since 2017, this program has been actively promoting exchanges in Industry 4.0 in Ukraine. And in 2019, 2 groups undergo specialized training in Germany under the Industry 4.0 program.
  7. Kyiv International Economic Forum – traditionally raises issues of high-tech, industry development and is the # 1 site for influencing political and business establishment.

In 2019, we also saw the emergence of new players and increased activity. In particular, activity at the industry level has increased significantly. The first Industry 4.0 conference was held by colleagues from the Pharmaceutical Industry (Pharmaceutical Industry Magazine), Railway (Ukrainian Logistics Alliance), Mechanical Engineering (ARCADA). APPAU launches Digital Transformation Roadmap for Food and Processing.

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