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The top priority areas of development 4.0 in Ukraine – market leader’s evaluation

IT-Enterprise is the leader of Ukrainian Industry 4.0 in the IT category. The company has hundreds of completed ERP projects and today offers a large portfolio of Industry 4.0 products and solutions. The CEO of the company IT-Enterprise Oleg Shcherbatenko comments on the prospects for the development of 4.0 in Ukraine.

What areas of development (technology and / or application) do you consider to be a priority in Ukrainian Industry 4.0?  Why?

First of all, it should be noted that our company is the only company in Ukraine that offers in Ukraine not just individual elements, but complex solutions for Industry 4.0.  Our main goal is to give the client a unified system “from sensor – to business decision making”.  It is opposite to approach when most of industrial end users use quite different and not integrated systems at OT and IT levels.

Our problem in Ukraine is that Industry 4.0 has not yet become a mass trend.  Modern technologies are available in Ukraine, but customers are not yet ready to fully implement them.  The State and Education system do not pay enough attention to this area.  Therefore, the priority for us is to demonstrate the real use-cases of digital transformation of Ukrainian enterprises and the benefits that they get as a result.  Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for companies to survive in today’s competitive environment and enter international markets.

What is your company already offering in these areas?

The priority for us is to give the market a unified IT-Enterprise platform that brings together equipment, people and business processes in a single digital environment where in most cases the decision is made by the computer system, not the person.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IT-Enterprise creates neural networks and predictive analytics algorithms to analyze and automatically make decisions based on Big Data from the IT-Enterprise IIoT platform.  This, for example, in SmartEAM reduces downtime and improves product quality settings.

IT-Enterprise’s Digital Twins technologies provide not only management of your business with sense of presence in the workplace elements from anywhere using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) elements, but also provide modeling and design features for new productions to create or upgrade them.

Increasingly, the IT-Enterprise communication format is by using chatbots and corporate social network that brings together people, equipment and the digital system and significantly speeds up decision-making and execution processes.

To meet the demands of the market to accelerate the production of personalized products, we both accelerated the processes in PLM / PDM, and also released Product Costing solutions to create products at a competitive price.

The availability of the IIoT platform in IT-Enterprise, which supports all well-known protocols of interaction with equipment, and the work of staff through smart devices (smartphones, Google Glass, …) transforms production management into on-line mode.

These are not all of the solutions we offer, but it is needed to understand that Industry 4.0 technology is always about extra economic impact for the company.

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